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Satan's Little Helpers
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Here's the fuckin' album of the century! A lo-fi piece of garbage that will really fuckin' piss your ass off when you get it home and find out what's on it. True musical crapola as only the Spaced Out Wastoids could deliver!! You dumb jerk! Yep! We're so goddamed sick of every band up on the super-web highway tellin' ya how great they are. But us here at the Spaced Out Wastoids camp cannot tell a lie! So we let ya have it straight. This is some really fuckin' rotten music you asswipe! Hah! How's that for shameless self promotion! "Oh, you gootta check out this band I saw saturday nite! They blow ass!!! And their album rots so bad, you'll slash your wrists before it's even out of the jewel case! FUCKIN' AYYYY !!!!



What's New?

Man, you thought that record was bad? Well brother, lightning does strike twice!
Check Starvadinski Divinyl's solo effort appropriately entitled...WHO DO I GOTTA BLOW IN THIS TOWN???
a collection of songs so horrendous, no band can even perform them!!! How's that for a thumbs up review? Thumb right up your twinkie hole, you faggot!!

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

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